Birthday Parties

Get ready for the most memorable birthday party ever!

The Travelling Reptile Show invites you and all of your friends to get together for the wildest party around. We'll bring 8 to 10 different species of lizards, snakes and arachnids into your home to give you an opportunity to meet them all up close and personal. Our show is hands-on educational and interactive. As a special surprise, the lucky birthday boy or girl will get to hold Marshmallow, the albino Burmese Python.

It's an experience unlike any other!

School Shows

The Travelling Reptile Show understands the importance of education.

What better way to teach your students about the science and biology of animals than to have live reptiles available for study right in your class room? Our staff are trained to answer any questions your students may have. How does a chameleon change colour? What does a tarantula eat? How long does a tortoise live? Our shows can enhance any educational curriculum by providing information on a wide variety of subjects. Discover the place of reptiles in the food chain, learn about the life cycle from neonate to adult and find out about reptile ecosystems, habitat destruction, conservation and what you can do to help.

Studies have shown that students are more motivated to learn with a hands-on educational approach, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.